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Preschool 4/5
Mrs. Mary Bankert
B.S., University of Maryland

Mrs. Carrie Thede
B.A., SUNY Plattsburgh State University
N.B.C.T. – National Board Certified Teacher

First Grade
Mrs. Kimberlee Hendrickson
B.S., Western Michigan University
M.A., Western Michigan University

Second Grade
Mrs. Alisa Jeske
B.A., University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
M.A., Marian College

Third Grade
Mrs. Debbie Lingnofski
B.S., Edgewood College

Fourth Grade
Miss Krista Wager
B.S., Northwestern College, St. Paul

Miss Hannah Sattler
B.S., University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Fifth Grade
Miss Connie Huebner
B.S., University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
M.A., Marian College

Physical Education
Mrs. Kay Veldhorst
B.S., University of Wisconsin - La Crosse