Fox Valley Christian Academy offers children the opportunity to develop not only a strong intellect, but a strong faith rooted in Biblical principles.  The Christ-centered education your child will receive at FVCA will help establish a solid foundation they will stand on for the rest of their lives.  At Fox Valley Christian Academy, we strive to facilitate the development of each student spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Some facts about Christian education:

-Christian school graduates are significantly more likely to pray and read Scripture both alone and with family.

-Christian school graduates are more likely to attend religious services and respect the authority of church leadership.

-Christian school graduates are more likely to attend a religious university and obtain more years of higher education than their public school peers.

-Christian school graduates donate significantly more money to their churches, religious causes, and other charitable causes overall.

-Christian school graduates give more of their time to volunteer in their congregations, on missions trips, and on relief/aid trips.

-Christian school graduates have a stronger sense of direction in their lives, have higher levels of thankfulness, and are more confident in their ability to deal with life challenges than their peers.

-Christian school graduates are more uniquely compliant, generous, outwardly-focused individuals who stabilize their communitites by their uncommon commitment to their families, their churches, and larger society

Sources: Cardus Education Survey, 2011, and ACSI 2010/2011 Member Survey

I do not know what my future may hold, but I will always be grateful to FVCA, a school which taught me how to run the race of this life with perseverance. These [teachers] taught me more than how to read and write; they taught me who I am, and why I am special in the sight of God. No matter how the future winds may blow in my life,  I have faith that the foundation FVCA built in my life will prevail.

            -Brandon, FVCA Alumnus